Thursday, 22 June 2017

Summer Programs to start July 10

Nature Fun

Scout Island Nature Centre
July 10- August 11
Mon. Tues. Thur. Fri.  9:30-11:30 or
1-3 Mon. Tues. Thurs.
for  Ages 4-8
$12 per session
Art in Nature Adventures--  Wednesdays for Ages 8-13
8:30-4:30pm ($25)
Art, exploring, observing, games—at a slow summer time rhythm

(this program is offered with the support of the Cariboo Regional District and City of Williams Lake via the Central Cariboo Arts and Culture Society)

 Weekly Themes
July 10-14        Rep’s and Phibs (reptiles and amphibians in the marsh
July 17-21        Birds the Word (how they fly, hearing their voices…)
July 24-28       Mammal Mania (lots of mysteries to solve)
July 31-Aug. 4  Bugs are “Fly”  (invertebrates in the air, water, and land)
Aug. 8-11          Water Water Every Where (how life depends on water) 

 For more information or to register for programs
Call 398 8532 or scoutisland at

 The cost of these programs has been kept low through supportfrom the Canada Summer Jobs Program, Province of BC,and volunteers from the Williams Lake Field Naturalists

Please pack only fresh fruit and/or vegetables snacks for your child

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Salmon Trip 
Application for Fall 2016 Program
September 18-20

It will last three days with two nights at Gavin Lake.    Go to and click on salmon trip 2015 to see pictures from that  year’s trip.  This will help you answer the questions below. 

Goal:   To involve students in activities that help them appreciate how a watershed works—the animals, the plants, the water, the geography and how humans fit in. 

Twenty students from School District #27 will work together with teachers and biologists doing the following:
  • Chinook Brood Stock collection –You will be in the river helping to catch adult spawning Chinook salmon so that eggs and sperm can be harvested. 
  • Do activities involving stream invertebrates, salmon dissection, and stream dynamics
  • Hike and learn about forest ecostystems
  • Doing natural history observations (birds, plants, possibly bears and other mammals)
  • Art in Nature
  • First Nations and Natural Resources

You will be expected to be outdoors working, to share a cabin with 7-10 others, and have arranged to miss your other classes. 

Complete the following:

  1. What parts of this field trip really interest you?

  1. What do you want to learn from this experience?


  1. Is there anything else you would like to add?
4.  If you are a returning participant,  what would  you like to help lead?

You will be asked to think about your Ecological Footprint and what changes you can make to shrink it to help steward the water and land.  The first evening we will cover information you will need to understand the work we will do on and in the river with salmon and other species. 

Journal: While it is your journal to record your experiences, excerpts of it may also be used to submit with program grant applications. This would not be done without your permission

Transportation, food, accommodation and staff costs are being covered by Scout Island Nature Centre,  Gavin Lake, Quesnel River Research Centre, Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO), PAC and your fees.  The total cost for the field trip is $7500 or $375 per student.  Your fee is only  $50. 

Action Project: Each student is required to do 5 hours of stewardship work this spring or early fall with the WL Campus Enviro  Club, the Columnetza Greenies, or Scout Island Nature Centre .  During the summer, you can do  stewardship work directly with Scout Island Nature Centre.  Contact Sue at 398 8532 to arrange it. 

Please sign this contract.

I agree to take part in all of the activities of the field trip and complete an action project to a standard acceptable by teachers, Sue Hemphill (Scout Island Nature Centre), and Guy Scharf (DFO).  I understand that the completion of the action project and the journal is necessary to help ensure the continuation of the program. 

Name:________________________________________________ Grade in September:__________


Teacher recommending you:_________________________

Contact Info (student):
_____________________                  _____________________                  _____________________
Phone number                                      Cell number                                          Email



By signing below you have read the above application.  You agree to support your student in the completion of the Action Project with the understanding that it is an integral part of the Salmon Trip.



Contact Info (parent/guardian):
_____________________                  _____________________                  _____________________
Phone number                                      Cell number                                          Email   

Applications should be turned into Ms Riplinger or Sue Hemphill at Scout Island Nature Centre, 1305A Borland Rd, Williams Lake BC V2G 5K5
Or fill out an electronic version and email it to Sue      shemphill at

Stream to Sea Restored so it is a go for Salmon Trip 2017--Time to get applications in!

Hello All

Some of you may know that the Stream to Sea program was cut by the Minister of Fisheries a few weeks ago.  This is the program that allows 35 000 students in BC to raise salmon in their classrooms and release them to rivers.  In our area, Scout Island Nature Centre provides this service to 14-16 classrooms each year.  In addition, it is the basis of the high school Salmon Trip each September.  The good news is that last Wednesday I was told by Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) that the Stream to Sea Program will continue for at least one more year.  This reversal was because there was a strong and loud protest from people around the province asking the government to reinstate the funding.  But it is only for one year, so we must continue to let people in power (Prime Minister, Minister of Fisheries) that we want long term funding for the program.

Now that we know that the program will continue in the fall, we can start planning the Salmon Trip.  It will take place September 18-20.  If you are a grade 10 -12 student in September 2017 you can apply to take part.  Check out the connector on the Scout Island website to Salmon Trip 2015 to see how the trip works.  If you are interested in taking part email me shemphill at and I will send you the application form or check with one of your science teachers for the application form

I have attached the application form in the next blog.